CyclErie Devo Scholarships

Financial Support Information

CyclErie Devo Financial Support Program APPLICATION

Applications are welcome anytime, but we prefer to receive them at least a month in advance of the program start date if possible. Please contact Director Jenny Johnson (email).

CyclErie Devo has a financial support program for athletes needing help paying program fees, equipment, and/or travel costs. Support for program fees is limited to demonstrated financial need. Support for travel is available for both need-based and merit-based situations. We welcome all applications.

Finances should never be a reason a family can’t join our team! CyclErie Devo has a scholarship fund set aside for this purpose, and we are honored to provide financial scholarships and equipment every year.

While some CyclErie Devo programs sell out very quickly, we always hold spots open for those kids who might be a scholarship candidate. You won’t lose your spot on the team! We look forward to all inquiries. The money comes from private foundations, individual donations, and fundraising.

Program Fee Support: You may apply for a scholarship to help with program fees. The amount of financial support provided is based on a sliding scale considering the size of the family and income.

Equipment Support: Please let us know if you need financial help with equipment. We have loaner bikes available as well as clothing and other gear.

Payment Installments: As an alternate to financial support, you may request to pay program fees in several installments instead of a lump sum. Requests should be sent to the CyclErie Devo Director via email.