Kids’ Cycling Programs

Registration opens March 1st at 8AM




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Winter 2023:


Erie Community Center

Summer 2023

Learn to Pedal


Bike Adventure Camps Schedule:

Mon - Thurs, 9 AM to 12 Noon

Learn to Pedal, Adventure Camp and Trail Riders (mountain bike) will be offered.

Registration opens March 1st at 8AM.

Register here:

Learn to Pedal, Bike Adventure Camp and Trail Riders Level 1 Location is new this year - Coal Creek Park in Old Town Erie (based on a forecasted completion date of May 2023).


Bike Adventure Camp $285

(June 5-8 and June 19-22): Mon - Thurs 9AM to 12 Noon

Bike Adventure Camps are a chance for young riders to enjoy the camaraderie of other fellow riders! Essentially this program is full of field trips via bike. Our camps include a snack, games, crafts and fun off the bike! This camp is best suited for kids ages 4-11 years.  An example itinerary of a day at Bike Adventure Camp would be: Meet at Star Meadows Park, play games, ride to Thomas Reservoir, nature explore, crafts and games, return to Star Meadows, snack, and more activities.  There’s always a few ice cream excursions and snocone celebrations as well! 


Learn to Pedal Camp $285

(June 12-15, and June 26-29): Mon - Thurs 9 AM to 12 Noon

Learn to Pedal is open to riders of all abilities. Camps will be focused on teaching your little one how to begin to balance on their bike and cover short distances with confidence in a fun and safe environment. Training wheels are welcome, but we will aim to remove these by end of the camp. Our camps include a snack, games, crafts and fun off the bike! Learn to Pedal is best suited for kids ages 3-6 years. A bike can be provided with advance notice.


Trail Riders Camp:

Trail Riders Level 1, Entry Level MTB (ages 6-10):
Tues & Thurs (4 week session)
June 6-29 (5PM - 7PM)   $250

Meet at Coal Creek Park off Kattell St near Downtown Erie (scheduled to open May 2023). 

Are you looking to introduce your child to the exciting world of mountain biking? Look no further than TR 1!  Designed for young riders ages 6-10, this 4-week program takes place on Erie's Sunset Trails and Singletrack trail systems. Our experienced coaches work with beginner mountain bikers to develop the skills necessary to safely navigate singletrack and practice proper trail etiquette on multi-use trails.

Each day of camp is filled with fun rides and plenty of time on the trail, all in a non-competitive and encouraging environment. Your child will build confidence, make new friends, and practice bike handling skills on the trail. Plus, they'll learn and practice important bike skills such as braking, shifting, balance/proper form on uphills and downhills, getting started on hills, riding over rocks and cattleguards, trail etiquette, and on-trail bike maintenance (e.g. pre-ride bike check, flat tire change, minor adjustments, and chain fixes). Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity for your child to discover the joys of mountain biking!


Trail Riders Level 2,  Intermediate MTB (Ages 9-14)

Tues & Thurs (4-week session) 

July 11 - Aug 3 (8:30AM - 11:30AM)  $375

Trail Riders Level 2 is for athletes who are ready for longer, more challenging sessions riding singletrack, and/or have previously participated in our Trail Riders 1 program. This program is geared towards athletes who have a solid foundation of basic bike handling skills on singletrack and want to spend more time in the saddle exploring a variety of terrain in and around Boulder County. Trail Riders 2 is a 4 week session, 2 days per week for 3 hours each day.

Riders split into small groups with our summer coaches and other riders of similar age and ability.

Each ride focuses on skills progression, team camaraderie, trail route navigation, good trail etiquette, and community stewardship.  Riders gain mountain bike experience on all types of terrain, build endurance, and build upon their foundational bike handling skills.

The following skills are practiced during each ride: climbing, descending, braking, cornering, and navigating technical sections of trail. Our TR 2 athletes typically ride on Open Space trails in Boulder County. 

The TR 2 program also gives riders the opportunity to experience many avenues in the sport of mountain biking, ride a wide variety of trails, and learn about their own riding style. Coaches work with riders to set goals for each session and provide a positive and encouraging environment for athletes to meet these goals.

Meet at various locations around Erie and Boulder. Locations for each group are announced weekly, which enables us to place each group at the best location for their needs and the weather that week. 

Minimum bike requirements to participate in Level 2 TR

• A proper MTB with disc brakes
• Wheel size 26” or greater (unless approved by a coach)
• Tires of 2.0” or wider
• Front suspension

Contact us for assistance if needed!  Bikes can be rented, or campers can receive a 10% or more discount on any bike purchased at Cyclerie. 

Requirements for Trail Riders Level 2:

  • Be 9+ years of age at of April 1, 2023 
  • Own a mountain bike that meets our requirements (above)
  • Have a certified helmet
  • Be comfortable riding on grass or dirt
  • A willingness to ride uphill
  • Cyclerie reserves the right of selective admission for group compatibility
  • Prorated fees are not offered